Midnight is a magazine-style theme that empowers you to quickly and easily create beautiful, immersive content with images, galleries, video, audio and more. You can publish articles, reviews, blog posts and more with ease like never before.

It is the perfect theme for publishers, bloggers and people who have passion for particular subjects and want to share their thoughts with the world. We also offer friendly support, and we are keen on listening on our users needs and implementing good ideas in future updates.

Dynamic Grid Layout
Choose from a one column, two column, or three column layout for your posts. Infinite Scroll lets users dynamically load more posts without leaving the page.

Smart Typography At Your Fingertips
Midnight offers adaptive titles that will emphasize your message by auto-styling certain words. Enrich your content with custom typography elements like dropcaps, columns or highlights. This theme takes advantage of beautiful Google fonts such as Playfair Display and Droid Serif. Looks freaking awesome for editorial use in newspaper, magazines and digital media.

Photo Driven Content
Create powerful galleries and photo captions to tell your story. Using Jetpack’s immersive carousel lightbox, you can display a series of full-screen images.

Simple Customization
Using the Customizer, you can change your site title, accent color, upload a logo and more, all with a live preview of your changes. Zero coding skills required.

Mobile-ready and Responsive for All Devices
Midnight features a dynamic, responsive design, meaning your site will adapt to fit any screen size, from desktops down to mobile phones. All pages and features have been optimized to work on every device.

Typography, images, navigations and page styles have been refined to give your users a seamless, comfortable browsing experience.

Good SEO Practices You Can Trust
Midnight provide a solid foundation for all your specific SEO needs, so your content can shine among the rest by getting on the good side of search engines.